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Rental Management

Bespoke property services

Albany Global Property specialise in providing a 360° rental management service to owners, focused on achieving best possible outcomes, measured across a range of factors; rental yield, flexibility, service delivery and sustainable growth.

We intertwine our work with the managing agents to ensure a smooth, hassle free service for owners; ultimately, we minimise the risks involved in renting property, remove the day to day stress of doing so, and increase the return on your investment to give you total peace of mind.

Our business has grown exclusively by word of mouth, demonstrating the satisfaction our owners have with our holistic service. This has enabled us to retain our competitive pricing, whilst retaining our high standards, core ethos and attentive care.


We will take you through the process of listing your home with us, explaining every step clearly, so you know exactly what to expect in terms of income, costs, payments and risks.


We use fantastic professional photographers, who are experts in interior design and staging to best present your house, and ensure it is captured perfectly.


Through various channels, we present your property to prospective guests, and ensure that we find a good fit for both you, the owner and also meet the guest’s requirements. We have a significant amount of returning guests, and also look to reach new guests through weekly emails, SEO and other algorithms which help people find us, and your property.

Property information pack

Guests receive key information about your property to ensure their arrival, stay and departure is as smooth and enjoyable as possible for all parties.

Dynamic pricing

We use extensive market data, and demand driven pricing to ensure that we are always maximising rental income against local demand and availability ensuring we are protecting your best interests.

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